Interested members can contact the club via telephone or through our facebook page on the link below

A large marquee will now be present in the field at Ballyhoe 1 during the match , where some of our team will be stationed too monitor the match's progress , we will also have a laptop constantly updating the event live to our Facebook page , the weigh-in's will now be compulsory every 4 hrs and will be updated live to our page as they come in and any other news that may arise during the event , including who's on the fish and who's not ...or who falls asleep !
Everyone can then follow the match as it happens and see who's heading the field from one weigh in to the next , it will make an exciting end to the final weigh-in we think .. 
The marquee will also be used as a tea/coffee station where anglers and visitors alike can help themselves to tea n biccies 
There will also be a microwave oven there for any one who wishes to use it , i know some anglers have arranged for family members to bring them down food etc , the tent will be open for everyone and please feel free to use it 


Our new club sponsors will be providing spot prizes for biggest fish claims during the match and Brian from Tackle Monaghan will also be attending on the morning with a large selection of baits , maggots, ground-bait ,pellets/mini bollies or whatever else you may need , you can contact him in the link below for any other bits you may need nearer to the day , please do get all you need on the day from Brian and support his efforts 
John from Ardee Tackle has also kindly supplied spot prizes for largest fish awards .. 
Be a good one this and a tactical one too depending on your draw .. a good peg with plenty of silvers just might save your day if the tench aint havin it or will the " hoe " throw up a good bag of tench to a lucky angler ...
Plenty of prizes and craic and lets see who can stay awake long enough to take top prize 
tight lines ......



Membership is now available from the 1st of January 2016 for all 5 of our club waters namely Ballyhoe 1 & 2 , Derry Lough , Rahans Lough and Descart Lough . €20 per person per season . Juniors free . Day tickets also available

26/01/2016 16:13
The new season will now run from the 1st of January to January the 1st the following year ,...

Derry Lough Access improved

11/04/2015 11:18
With several other projects already running across the lakes the commitee decided to improve access...


03/03/2015 21:27
2016 Going Forward. Meath Hill Angling Club have adopted a new slogan for 2016 “GOING...

A walk down memory lane in pictures ...

09/02/2015 17:24
In this section we strive to archive and catalogue, in pictures, anglers doing what they do best...

The development and on going work of the five lakes

09/02/2015 17:08
The club hard at work clearing a section of river that connects the...

2015 .. Another few specimen fish for our lakes 

Last year was a slow start for our lakes , like most of the waters in Ireland the unusually cold spring/summer we experienced  had a real adverse effect of the fishing and before we knew it we had crept into autumn and colder weather again ,
Personally 2015 for me was one of the worst years ever for my tench and bream fishing , not surprising really given the fact  the June/July temperatures were the coldest day and night temps ever recorded and overall was the coldest summer since records began  , i remember going out myself and finding frost in the fields in july , something ive never experienced before.
We still managed a few good specimens though and so did many of our members  ,  i personally weighed tench to 7lb 10 oz , bream to nearly 10lb and hybrids 7lb plus , all took off club waters 
This year i might for the first time actually claim some of the specimen fish we capture for the only reason being to give the recognition to the lakes around Carrickmacross they deserve , if you do your homework and put the time in theres terrific fishing to be had and plenty of potential record breaking fish to be caught too.
I know personally last year the roach/hybrid record  was broke several times  locally , i would have came close to the bream record myself having lost an absolute monster at the net from Lough Derry on a 16mm pellet at 3am on the pole , we had already caught  them close to double figures the same night. 
Another lake we know not far from our own club waters is now producing some of the best roach fishing ive seen in years , very much like it used to 20 odd years ago , this last year has probably been my best year for 2lb plus fish , not seen since the days when the River Bann threw up so many 2lb plus fish as well
I didnt quite get the 3lber i was after but i did see a few fish around that magical mark , the best being 3lb 10oz caught by a guy who thought it was a hybrid. 
I also witnessed a friend of mine losing a roach at the same venue that would have rocked the current record , the best roach that day was 2lb 4 oz so far but we had also took hybrids to over 6lb and when his rod bend double he was very excited as he was trying all morning to connect to the big hybrids which i had managed to grab them all that morning , so he was quite delighted when everthing went very solid , as he got the fish closer it rolled on the surface and we seen a flash of red and we both got very excited then , after what seemed an age and an almighty scrap the fish then came in belly up but with one more final thrash  she shed the hooks less than 20ft from the bank , we were gutted  and it was without doubt the biggest roach ive personally ever seen , well at least we know shes in there .. 
Below is just a taste of the many specimen fish caught last year of our lakes and many more are in our gallery or have been posted to our facebook page .. well done to Owen McGuinness  who claimed his fish and can be seen in the links below for 2015 , going through the yearly archives  you will see Ballyhoe usually gets a few mentions during the year for its tench and bream.
Or indeed its various hybrids , one of which taken this year and definately a fish not seen too many times these days which is probably due to the  dominance of the roach , many years ago we would get plenty of rudd/bream hybrids from the waters around Carrick when rudd and not roach were more prominent , they're quite rare these days so this is an absolute  cracker , caught from Ballyhoe 1  by  Denis Byrne from Newbridge , weighing in at 6lb 9ozs its one of the biggest rudd/bream hybrids ive heard about for years , the current record coming from another Carrick lake ( Monalty) a few years ago weighing just over a lb or so more . 
Owen McGuinness setting his usual hign standard at Ballyhoe 1 and reaping the rewards with some fine fish over the year 
Current  irish records below ... 
2015 specimen claims below ... 
Scroll down the link for previous years specimen fish claims ...
Anyways heres too 2016 and i will have to get our own scales certified , as accurate as they are they still need to be verified by the powers that be to claim such fish .. happy hunting folks and fingers crossed the weather for 2016 will be a little kinder to us this year 
and if you do catch that monster fish on our lakes and fancy a go at claiming the fish you can try ringing the lads down there or myself and if were about we will only be too pleased to help ......

Dont forget to visit our gallery