Rules & Regulations


1. Night fishing will only be permitted with the agreement of the club officials or when anglers have prior arranged access with the club .

2.  All fish caught are done so under strict catch and release rules and MUST be returned to the clubs waters alive , all fish are to be treated with the utmost care and attention  
3.  Strictly no fires or disposable bbq,s are to be lit around club waters or litter discarded ,on waters where a bin is not present all rubbish must be taken home 
4.  All boats must be disinfected before entering the water 
5.  Strictly No inflatable boats allowed , only fiberglass,aluminum or wooden allowed on club waters and prior permission must be sought before launch
6.  Members and their guests shall conduct themselves with dignity at all times and not engage in disorderly conduct or obscene language towards other anglers or any visitors you  may come across on these waters , they are not to interfere with the enjoyment of others around the lakes , drunkenness will also not be tolerated 
7.  The cutting of trees and shrubs is strictly forbidden without the sole authority of the committee. If any tree or shrub is causing hindrance or impeding access for members it must be reported to the committee   
8.  Any member detected in illegal fishing shall forfeit their membership at once 
9.  All members must keep to the waterside or roadway granted, close all gates and must not trespass on any adjoining lands . do not  break fences, damage gates or show disrespect to any property on club waters       
10.  It is a member’s responsibility to report any evidence of any breach of the clubs rules to the committee especially  the poaching/littering  of any cub waters , any info regarding this given to the club will be in the strictest confidence
11.  2 Rods ONLY per member on all 5 club waters .. no exceptions    
12.  It is also the member’s responsibility to ensure that the rules and constitution are adhered to by fellow members and their guests at all times.   
13.  The use of livebaiting is also iilegal 
14. All members or guests must have the appropriate tackle for all club waters , including landing nets and  unhooking mats for larger fish , no sea tackle allowed , the club will and  does use its descretion on this matter and anglers may be asked to leave with sub standard tackle that is deemed unfit for the purpose or maybe harmfull to the fish in any way 
No liability will be accepted by Meathhill Angling Club for any injury or accident sustained by its member’s, their guests or general public whilst visiting the fisheries. Members their guests and children who enter such areas do so at their own risk. Similarly the officials of the club accept no liability for damage to or loss of property belonging to members including their vehicles while parked on club waters