a bit of summer at last ..

17/06/2014 12:40

With the arrival of some good weather at last the lakes seem to be settling down at bit now and with reports of decent fish again showing on most of them and with the spawning hopefully out of the way we can get after them again properly now 

Last week i spent 2 days on Ballyhoe 1 knowing she was out of sorts a bit  but still managed a decent bag of 14 fish with the biggest a good bream of over 8 lb , a good hybrid of over 3 and then the rest tench .. none of which passed the 6lb mark , most were caught on hair-rigged  12mm pellet or pop up mini bollies soaked in stawberry goo 

there was also a report of a 8lb plus tench caught the week before from Ballyhoe 1 by a certain nothern specimen hunter and i await with bated breath for the pic !! 

Anyways fishing was a little dangerous at times during my stay with heavy frequent lighting storms passing over head and a quick exit to the car was needed for most of them as lightning was striking all over the place at one stage including the big island which got struck several times 

i did manage a few snaps as they approached and the gorgeous sunset as they faded out  ...  


















and finally last Saturday seen quite a few anglers on the Ballyhoe lakes and a couple of which went after the ever present pike there , our club Chaiman Garrett was lucky enough to snap one while out and about  ,  a fine 13 lber ! 

and one last one for the historians amongst us .. this is an article written originally in 1926 of a 35lb pike took from the old island stand on Ballyhoe 1