A walk down memory lane in pictures ...

09/02/2015 17:24

In this section we strive to archive and catalogue, in pictures, anglers doing what they do best from yesteryear .

This is a fasinating insight into times past with a collection of old photographs covering the everyday life of fishermen 

Any one wishing to add to this archive please forward any pictures you have or contact  the club through the contact details on the main page ... 


Dear Meath Hill Angling Club.
I used to fish Ballyhoe quite a lot from when I first moved to Ireland in 1982. Right from my first session I fell in love with the place. But sadly I lost that love after many blank visits during the lakes decline.
At your fantastic lake side show day recently. I saw all the great work you lads have done and spoke to a few members / stewards that were there, they made it sound like it is back to what it was and I am now looking forward to having a session there soon. 
One committee member I spoke to made a comment that if I had any photos they would be appreciated so after delving the archives I found these scanned them and made copies.
Also on the day it was mentioned that only recently you had pulled out a long pole off the crannog,   if you look at the photos you can see why it was there. I put two there back in 1989 to tie the boat to so I could fish the far side of the trench. 
Keep up the good work
Hope to see you there
John Wilkinson