33 tench haul for Dublin anglers ..

04/05/2014 21:26

A great tench session saw 3 Dublin lads catch a big haul of tench going into the weekend  ,  Barry Murphy and Jay Mulhall started the rampage on their first day at Ballyhoe 1 taking over 20 tench between them , they were then joined by a friend who promptly opened his account with a specimen  fish of 6lb plus


The tench kept coming through out the next day and with another few lost at the net and many more missed runs as well the total count could have been far higher and having personally witnessed   the entire session it was hard not to be impressed with their entire approach and choice of baits etc 

Most fish fell to bollies or  pellets including a few soaked in there own homemade  sticky creations which obviously the tench found irresistable on the day


Theres a few more pics on www.facebook.com/meathhill.anglingclub?fref=ufi



Theres also anglers doing a session  on Ballyhoe 2 as i write this and i,m hearing they have tench over 6  lb as well along with a bream ,hybrids and perch  there also taking pike into double figures i,m told