Derry Lough Access improved

11/04/2015 11:18

With several other projects already running across the lakes the commitee decided to improve access to Derrys Lough this week , the work is still ongoing going to press  but will be finished in the next few days 

The decision to do the work on Derrys was taken after some members found it a real struggle especially by some of our elderly lads to get over the existing wooden stile with all their tackle and then found the uneven boggy path going to the lake a real challenge  

The new path and gate will allow anglers a nice even walk to their swims and will also make access for wheel chairs possible  and will enable the use of trolleys for the further swims 

Also parts of the bank have been cleared of braken and will give greater surface area for the use of bivvies . over hanging trees in the swims that were a hinderence to many have also been cut back and several new swims have also been cut out between existing stands giving anglers the choice of a stand or natural banks 

Grass seed is currently being added to areas that have been cleared and hopefully soon the bank will be even and a pleasure to fish from , members and visiting anglers are asked to be take all their rubbish home and respect the hard work taking place for the improvement of our lakes 

Many thanks ..  Meathhill Angling Club