Good bream and hybrids showing on Ballyhoe 2

15/07/2014 18:03

With Ballyhoe 1 closed this weekend  gone a few anglers spent it on Ballyhoe 2 with some good results including bream too 8.8 lb and hybrids at over 6lb ,fishing the waggler not far out to the edge of the lillies accounted for most of the fish while a second rod past the lillies baited with mini pop up bollies dressed with a dab of strawberry or caramel goo took the bigger fish including a superb bream and a new pb for Jock of 8.8 lb 

Several casts later saw another pb fall with a crackin hybrid of 6.5 lb and several more going 5 lb plus  ... only tench seen was lost close in on the waggler and after a mighty battle managed to shed the hook in the lillies , pity as it was clearly a very big fsh too

Altogether jock got 14 fish  on the first eve/night and couldnt wait for the evening session to begin on day 2 but another club member who showed up decided around tea time to strip down to his underwear and get down n dirty in the next peg and clear a huge patch of weed n lillies in front of him 

despite him doing a fantastic job none of us at the time realized the devastating effect it would have on the fishing wth himself not getting a bite all night and jock getting one solitary take for the night in his own swim , with hind sight it  was done to late in the day to expect the fish to arrive back in a swim within a few hours and also given its only 3-4ft deep where we were getting them too

anyways i,m sure someone else will enjoy the new swim .... and the kids had a great time over at the vintage show on the Sunday afternoon, well done to all the lads n lasses who worked hard in putting it together as well 

at the same time Owen was on Lough Derry fishing the method and mananged a few bream to 5-5 lb with only one tench showing ...