Good bream showing at Lough Derry

01/07/2014 16:43

After hearing a few reports about good bream coming off Lough Derry in the past few weeks myself , John and Larry decided to spend a day or so going after them this week with Jock joing us on the second night just as the two other lads called it a day 

Unfortunately the second night proved hard work as both the bream and tench were hard to catch for both of us despite sitting up most of the night only one bream was landed and no tench but the first night was a very different story with all of us catching a few tench and some good bream to over 7 lb 

We all lost a few good fish as well with myself doing battle with one very big bream for quite some time but it  dragged me into the lillies at the last and escaped the hook ...i can only guess how big she really was ! 

best bait seemed to be corn with a few of my fish being caught on 10 mm halibut pellet but corn accounted for most of the fish overall  and all my fish were caught very close about 2 rod lenghts out on the waggler in about 12 ft of water , the other lads caught mainly on the method close in as well 

For anyone going down to fish it consider that most of the fish seem to be caught very close in as a long time was spent by the other lads when they first arrived on method feeders a fair chuck out but bites were next to none till they bought them in real close in

i,m only posting the biggest of the bream which all went over 6lb with 3 of them going sevenish and i look forward to trying again for them this time on bigger baits like prawns maybe and seeing if we cant intice one of the big doubles in there