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28/04/2014 17:38

With the arrival of a few fairly hot days lately things are still slowly but surely getting better on the fishing front on all  5 lakes overall but with still some cold nights about and near freezing temps , only the odd tench seem to be on the feed after darkness  , the majority of them are being took during the day and again mostly on bunches of maggots .

This will of course change as the weather picks up and the nights get milder but again Ballyhoe 1 is the pick of the 5 lakes at present with some anglers doing very well for them producing bags  well into double figures for tench whilst a small few are subject to the odd blank still  but overall its producing some good sized tench when you do get amongst them  , one report we did hear  is of one going 7.3 lb this week too .

And with quite a few good bream coming off it in the last few weeks i was hoping to see or hear of a few more but they have been rare enough this week for some reason , probably due to the changeable weather at present but it shoudnt be to long now before  a good few more start to make an appearance we hope .

Derry lough has also seen some bream and tench caught by various anglers this week and  a bite a chuck can be got sometimes on pole or waggler if its a baggin session you seek .

Ballyhoe 2 has  seen a good few anglers this past week  with some good mixed bags being took along the field side with tench and a few bream showing up  too  ...  also some anglers on Rahans are reporting  decent bags and again with some tench and bream  making an apperence

best tench pic ive took this week was Alans fish weighing in at 6lb on the button and it gave him a right ole scrap  too ..

Himself and Steven got a handfull each for there efforts  ...

Dublin based anglers Steve and Karl also caught a few nice tench ...

and two more Dublin based anglers and members of the Meathhill club finished up with a few good tench on Ballyhoe 1 ..

And even the beard to be feared aka Fergal managed a couple of decent tench too ... one of which had very noticable red streaks along its body probably caused by laying up on the bottom during the colder months and attracting leaches which can leave such marks  without doing little or no damage to the fish .

Also the pike fishing on Ballyhoe 1 this last few weeks has been quite exceptional at times with large amounts of fish gathering now to feed off the shoals of perch and roach that have started  to appear , many anglers have reported they have been hammered by them while waggler fishing for the silvers and perch and at times every other fish seems to be attacked by them resulting in many many lines being bitten through 

One such angler was John Kerr who visted the lake with his children for a few days and took quite a few pike to 12lb on his visit but John also said that he lost a far bigger fish not far out past the shelf that stripped line faster and then ran harder than any other fish he had ever caught before , which is quite a feat considering John is a noted pike angler and has had many large fish this year to 33lb 

I myself witnissed another large fish being lost by a Newry angler the day i was there and i had quite a few pike striking me while catching small perch and silvers on the waggler rod with one very good fish dragging me about  for several minutes before he decided to let go much to my relief 

The kids had a great time with so many fish being caught and even got a spin on the clubs lawn mower ... 



On the way home i popped over to one of my favorite lakes to look at,  the very pretty Lough Derry  , where i also knew of some anglers had been on it earlier that day but had gone on my arrival ...  according to a friend of mine they  had plenty of smaller fish to 3lb with a few tench thrown in too , i took a few shots of the swims for those who have not seen it yet




and finally the view from my bivvy on my last night there  ....