Rahans lake throws up a red letter day

15/04/2015 16:43

James Norton had a great day on Rahans lake on Tuesday 14th April , so many in fact he lost count of how many fish he actually landed but thinks it was upwards of 30 pike with one being close or if not a twenty but unfortunately it was lost at the net 

This is typical of Rahans lake when its on song with quite a few anglers lately landing in or around twenty fish for there days fishing , mostly of boats i might add but still a great days angling 

Thanks to James who sent in his pics for the day and a short desricption of his stay .. 


theres the better pics mark. as for the write up , just say i had a good day on rahans , landed between 20 and 30 pike , 2 of which were doubles and the very last fish of the day was touching the 20 pound mark but she didnt hang around long enough for a photo. all fish taken on spoons and jerkbaits in shallow water ...james norton


 Good fishing bud