Latest reports of some early tench on Ballyhoe 1

07/04/2014 15:28

Ballyhoe 1  seen  a handfull of  hardy  anglers arriving over the last few days  and while most bivvied up for the long haul looking for some early season tench  in  what sometimes were pretty horrendous condtions  with very strong cold winds blowing straight  at you which were also accompanied by some longer  spells of heavy rain

It wasnt for the faint hearted at times and  for most the fishing was just as tough as was expected for this time of the year and in  those  conditions and   this proved to be the case but most anglers like myself felt that at any time the tench could  start to feed again and bites would eventually come but apart  from a few hybrids that showed up on my last afternoon there Mr tinca won  the battle again this time with me and my fellow angler Alan 

One angler  did though manage to catch 4 nice tench too 6lb on my first morning   there  ,  all of which fell to maggots fished off a maggot feeder but they were taken just before the conditions changed for the worse later that day which then seemed to put the tench off completey  and bites were few and far between for most lads after that

 A few more tench were also reported last week by various anglers off ballyhoe 1 which were accompanied by the odd decent bream one of which was a fine fish of  8.5 lb  and again maggots seemed to be the bait of choice 

Its good to see so many so many tench coming out so early in the year but ballyhoe 1 has always been the place to get very early fish on and this year is no different but they dont give themselves up easily either in such cold water

Me , i will do battle again very soon with them and just blame the weather as per usual for the lack of fish and go win some brownie points for my  next visit .

tight lines ....


Club member Jason with one of his 4 tench haul ...