The lakes are finally warming up somewhat !!

06/06/2015 11:46

As you can imagine the recent cold weather has had a dramatic effect on the fishing for most anglers and not more so for the ever moody tench , this last few weeks has seen so much cold water going into the lakes on a daily basis its no wonder the fishing has been patchy to say the least , with not much to report on catch wise  and very few anglers about this last month  or so , this last week has seen a definite improvement on the lakes with more and more anglers now visting them , with Ballyhoe 1 again throwing up some of the better fish with tench to 7lb and the odd big bream to over 9lb 


Derrys lough has also took an age to get going but this last week has also seen a slow improvement with more tench and bream showing than previous weeks but with one of the coldest springs in recent history and the weather gods still throwing hail showers at us most days this week up here , also the water temperature was only 11 degrees the last time i visted the lake a few days ago, well down  on what it should be for this time of the year and little wonder the tench are finding it hard to wake up in its deep waters 


Ive aso personally visted Ballyhoe 2 twice this last month as welll but it was hard going to say the least , with the last time there 2 weeks ago there was so much rain about during the night we awoke early the next morning to see a wall of muddy water coming across the lake towards our shore , it quickly ingulfed everything , the lake had rose 4ft over night and another angler fishing to our right Terry and his mate had too run for cover to thier car during the night after his bivvy was swamped by a river of  water running from the hills behind us , he awoke to find his seatbox completely submerged in water having left it at the lakes edge the night beofre  , we couldnt buy a bite either next day ,  what a night that was ! 

Rahans rose 8-10ft the same night , never seen anything like it ..


Anyhow with the forcast looking good from the weekend on and with better temperatures promised , we can finally look forward to some better fishing and hopefully a decent summer to come  ... but dont hold ya breath , its good ole Ireland remember !!